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Why pursue a 4-year Bachelors when you can complete your undergrad degree in just 3 years. Save time, save money, and start ministry sooner. Receive a BA for only $10K or a Masters for $6K annually.

Fast Track Education
Minimize Financial Debt

Graduate with minimum debt. SUM provides generous aid to full-time students by billing only for the first 10 credits per term up to 16.34, with the exception of billing for two Mardi Gras credits. That's a built-in scholarship! Federal Financial Aid is also available.

Accredited Degrees

Not only are degrees  recognized by two major accrediting bodies, our instructors are chosen for their educational expertise, sound biblical theology, concern for students, and years of ministry experience.

Our BA students receive over 500 hours of hands-on ministry training upon their graduation and also weekly inspiration and guidance from leaders who specialize and focus on the fivefold ministry. 

Ministry Prep Redefined
Live Online Instruction

Your learning experience won't consist of watching recorded video or media. Instead experience an unique dynamic setting where faculty and students from diverse backgrounds interact in classes that are live and in real-time.

After 25 years of training men and women for ministry, research data has shown that SUM graduates are faithfully engaged in doing fivefold ministry in the US and various places around the world.

Grads Active in Ministry

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