Accredited, Biblical, Practical

Admission Criteria

REAP International Bible College and SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary are committed to providing a powerful experience.  Our primary aim is to assist students in responding to and being equipped for Jesus’ commission.

SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary admits students during the Fall, Winter and Spring trimesters. In order to be officially admitted, each applicant must complete the Application Process and receive a letter of admission. Applicants meeting admission requirements are considered without regard to race, color, creed, sex, or physical limitations.


of Christian Faith

Applicants must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


to Ministry

A high value is placed upon applicants who express a call to ministry. Applicants must express, in writing, a call to ministry.


Diploma Minimum

Because SUM is an accredited college, applicants must have a high school diploma or GED. In some circumstances, provisional admission is made for applicants who can complete the GED within the first quarter of enrollment.



Applicants must have been a Christian for at least one year and have regularly attended a local church for at least one year. Therefore, pastoral and personal recommendations are required.



Applicants must complete a medical form and have the ability to fulfill academic and ministry expectations.